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Knowledge Labs brings together some of the world’s most brilliant visual creatives and industry professionals for a discussion on a variety of relevant topics. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or still honing your craft, there’s always room to grow and we’re looking forward to having you join us! 


Free and open to all, Knowledge Labs is an ongoing digital seminar series here to offer some of the best insight into the industry from your creative peers.

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"The Business Of Creating World Class Content" - Tim Frazier

Andrei Duman and Executive Producer Tim Frazier chat about budgeting, personal branding, and building your business.


Host Andrei Duman chats with Executive Producer Tim Frazier to deep dive into the business side of the entertainment industry. Tim has produced content for some of the world’s largest brands and his hit documentary “Minimalism: Less is Now” is streaming now on Netflix. 


"Easy Steps for More Sustainable Photo Trips" - Ted Leeming

Andrei Duman and renowned photographer Ted Leeming talk about top tips & advice on how to take environmentally friendly photo trips.

Lowering your environmental impact without compromising the creative vision is easier than you think. With a few simple changes, you can do your part to help the planet.

"A Nomad's Guide To Budget Photo Trips" - Talor Stone

Guest PhD researcher and photographer Talor Stone and host Andrei Duman talk about the top tips & advice on budget photo trips.

Great photos don't always require big budgets, but they do require an unique approach. Host Andrei Duman and PhD researcher and photographer Talor will share everything you need to know to travel on a budget like a pro!

"No Bad Light" - Scott Markewitz

A conversation with host Andrei Duman & one of the most influential outdoor photographers, Scott Markewitz.

Whether you already shoot sports photography or are thinking of starting, there’s plenty to learn from arguably one of the greatest action sports photographers to pick up a camera. Join host Andrei Duman and veteran photographer Scott Markewitz to talk about the methodology behind working with natural light and how to find inspiration for creating stunning imagery.

"Saving the Oceans with Art and Activism" - Tré Packard


Tré Packard is an internationally renowned public art curator and award-winning environmental photographer marrying both art and activism to cultivate a new era in marine conservation. As a passionate conservationist, Tre' has traveled throughout Asia documenting some of most remote locations bringing to light never before documented fisheries contributing to the destruction of ocean ecosystems and the often-illegal trade of threatened marine life. Tré is the founder and Executive Director of PangeaSeed Foundation and the creator of the Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans program through which he has curated over 400 environmental ocean-themed public artworks in 17 countries since 2014.

For more information visit

"Pairing Photography with Documentary Filmmaking" - Veronica Lanza

Compelling storytelling comes in all shapes and sizes. It also often spans many mediums and can capture the hearts of audiences in many ways. Photographer and documentary filmmaker, Veronica Lanza has led the production of several documentaries where she combines photo and video to share an impactful story with the world.


Veronica Lanza is a photographer and director based in Peru. Her work can be seen in National Geographic and several distinguished magazines in Europe and Central America. She has lead the production of several documentaries. Her many renowned films have been shot all throughout the world and examine powerful issues. 
To see Veronica's profile, click here!

"The Art of Landscape Photography" - Christian Fletcher


Christian Fletcher is one of the top landscape photographers in the world, and we have this video replay of this terrific webinar.

“Christian’s pictures are not souvenirs, but images that help us to ‘see’ and to understand landscape as art. Light literally exudes from Christian’s pictures like few others, and this luminescent enlightenment startles us with its clarity and perception”   - Les Walkling, professional photographer 

Learn more about Christian Fletcher here!

"Covid Creativity" - Michael Clark

f-stop Ambassador Michael Clark appeared and shared some truly stunning action sports images. Andrei Duman, f-stop Ambassador and host, is also a tremendous photographer. Michael talks about the range of images he routinely captures on his action sports assignments.

Knowledge Labs - Episode 1
"Filmmaking During Covid"


f-stop Ambassador, Andrei Duman and film-maker Johnny Zeller, connected on the initial Knowledge Labs session to talk about photography challenges during the pandemic, exciting recent projects and to offer some terrific tips on Macro Photography based upon a multi-month project Andrei recently compeled.