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How to Adjust the Fit of your f-stop Camera Pack
Your f-stop Mountain Series and Ultra-Light Series camera backacks function like backcountry hiking packs, except your f-stop pack is specifically designed and configured to carry your camera gear.
The f-stop suspension system has 6 places you can adjust the pack for your best fit:

  1. Hip Belt
  2. Shoulder Strap
  3. Shoulder Strap
  4. Load Lifter
  5. Load Lifter
  6. Sternum Strap

1. Hip Belt
Position the hip belt and tighten. The middle of the hip belt should lie over the hip bones and not above as it might constrict the stomach.
2 & 3. Shoulder Straps
Tighten the shoulder straps, but not too tight, because you want to make sure you are carrying the load on your hip belt.
4 & 5. Load Lifters
Adjust the tension of the load lifters (shoulder stabiliser straps) to pull the load closer to your back and your center of gravity.
6. Sternum Strap
Close the chest strap to optimise the location of the shoulder straps and make the backpack more stable.