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Your packs are more expensive than many others on the market. Why should I pay more to f-stop for a camera pack like one I can find that is less expensive?

There are not many camera backpacks truly comparable to the f-stop camera packs. With the f-stop camera bags, you will be getting a product

  • Made from higher grade materials
  • Containing more innovative design elements and features
  • Better designed because our community of Brand Ambassadors, all of whom are photographers, participate in the design, testing, and quality control of every f-stop product
  • More rugged and durable than any other pack on the market and backed by a no questions asked, money back, 45-day return policy
  • Backed by the best warranty in the industry
    • Mountain Series 20 years
    • Dyota Series 20 years
    • Ultralight Series 3 years
    • Urban Series 2 years
    • Accessories 2 years
    • Dyota Mask 6 months

 We develop our camera backpacks with input from serious adventurers - people who must put in the work to get to the amazing locations they photograph. They ski, they ride, they climb. They demand performance without compromise from their gear. All our packs have full internal aluminum frames, Soft Flex injection molded EVA hip belts and shoulder straps. They all feature back panel access, working seamlessly with the complete modular system of internal ICU organizers that f-stop innovated and refined over the last 12 years. This system lets you customize the number and size of compartments to fit your kit and your adventure. Our packs meet the demands of the world’s most adventurous photographers because they were designed, tested, and refined in collaboration with them.

 When you take all of this into consideration, f-stop camera backpacks represent an amazing value and deliver a much higher return on your investment than any other camera backpack in the world.

What is the f-stop modular design, and why do you sell the inserts separately from the camera packs?

f-stop was the first company to offer a modular system in the camera carry and camera gear industry. We developed the modular system to give our customers maximum flexibility to use their camera packs as they wished and to carry exactly the right gear to any location for any photography project, assignment, or challenge. The inserts, or internal camera units (ICU), are the components of the f-stop system that create this user generated adaptability and flexibility to the camera backpacks in the Mountain and Ultra-Light Series.

By separating the camera pack from the ICU, our customers gain the greatest level of flexibility possible in designing their own unique camera carry solution. The f-stop camera packs can adapt to long excursions were tents, sleeping backs, and even adventure sports gear is needed. This flexibility allows customers to carry the exact camera kit they need for any type of photography project from nature, to landscape, to video, to urban or travel settings, to drone, and even to adventure sports. The ICUs are also useful as equipment carry solutions on their own. Each one has a carry strap and make great carry-on pieces that protect your camera gear during air travel.

This system sounds complicated. How do I make sure I select the right pack and ICU combination for me?

You have three options.

  1. You can use our pack selector that will guide you through the selection of your camera backpack by having you answer a few questions.
  2. You can buy a camera backpack in a bundle, which saves money, and offers excellent levels of flexibility and adaptability.
  3. You can call one of our gear experts, and they can help you.

How can I check the status of my order?

You should have received an email with your order’s tracking number. Just enter that tracking number on the website of the carrier bringing you your order. If you cannot find your tracking number or haven’t received it, contact customer support, and they will answer your questions.

Do you have an ICU designed for drones?

Yes. It depends upon the size of your drone, but most of our medium to larger ICUs will accommodate a drone.

A part on my pack is broken or missing. Can I get replacement parts?

Yes. The best thing to do is contact customer service and tell them what you need. We replace many parts (but not all) at no charge except shipping.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in China.

What are the differences between the series?

We designed each series of f-stop camera bags to meet the needs of different photography assignments, projects, and photographers.

The Mountain Series

These are our flagship products. These are rugged, durable packs designed to handle extreme conditions, wet weather, and heavy loads. The Mountain Series packs provide comfort, protection, capacity, and flexibility. The Mountain series has a harness system designed to help you distribute the weight on your shoulders and waist. These camera packs come with padded shoulder straps, and the 3 biggest packs have extra padded shoulder straps that ease the weight of larger loads of camera and other gear on your shoulders.

The Ultra-Light Series

The Ultra-Light camera backpacks are more compact than their Mountain Series cousins and offer customers a great camera carry solution on excursions where being nimble will be important. These camera packs are not designed for camera gear and kits that is not very heavy, up to 7kg/15 lb., because they do not have heavily padded shoulder harnesses. Each of these packs comes with a frame and waist harnesses designed for all-day comfort.

The DYOTA Series

The DYOTA camera bags represent an amazing blend of function, style, and design. These bags carry a 20-year limited warranty based upon the high quality of the materials and design. These bags feature innovative curved, weatherproof zippers, and welded seams. The internal compartments feature smart magnets for heightened security, Velcro dividers for flexibility, and aluminum hook and tension locks.

The Urban Series

The Urban Series bags are stylish, light weight camera bags designed for day trips or short excursions. These camera bags work great for compact camera kits like a single DSLR body and a lens or two. These bags also make excellent travel bags offering capacity, protection, and the flexibility you need to carry essential personal items.