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Internal Camera Units (ICU)

The modular f-stop system blends camera backpacks with Internal Camera Units in an adaptable and flexible photography gear carry solution. The Internal Camera Unit (ICU) is the core of the modular f-stop system. The ICU's protect your gear and keep workflow organized with quick accessibility.
Gear Tip: Identify the Gear You Plan to Carry
Once you decide how much gear you plan to carry, match the Internal Camera Unit with the camera pack for your next photography adventure.
Internal Camera Units are configurable and accessible from the back or top of Mountain and Ultra-Light Series packs, or perfectly suited as a standalone storage option.

Pro Large ICU
The Pro Large is one of our most popular ICU's, with the capacity to store multiple bodies and lenses from primes to telephoto.
Recommended for multiple lenses and cameras

Pro Small ICU
The Pro Small comes with enough depth for gripped DSLR bodies and medium range lenses.
Recommended for camera and medium range kit

The Pro XL has room for super telephoto lenses and maximizes gear capacity in larger Mountain Series camera backpacks.
Recommended for telephoto lenses and large kits

Slope Medium ICU
The Slope Medium handles gripped DSLR bodies with attached lenses.
Recommended for gripped camera and lens kit

Shallow Medium ICU
The Shallow Medium provides space for a non-gripped camera combination up to a mounted 70-200mm lens.
Recommended for non-gripped camera and lens kit