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Independent Reviews of f-stop Camera Bags and Backpacks
We love our camera backpacks and bags, and we think you will, too. Watch or read through the following reviews, and you will find a consistente theme. Reviewers consistently rave about f-stop quality, design and materials. In short, f-stop camera backpacks are among the best camera bags you can find!

Navin by f-stop camera holster

by Carolina Napolano, CEOTECH.IT
12th of April 2021

f-stop navin camera holster
f-stop navin camera holster review

From the CEOTECH.IT review

The original review is written in Italian. Following excerpts from Google Translate.

If you are looking for a truly versatile, quick-access holster to hold your camera in hand then the f-stop Navin holster may be for you.

Despite the speed of access, the device is still protected thanks to the quality of the materials and the finishes with attention to detail.

The dimensions are adequate if what you want is to travel light and carry only the essentials with you; the unit is however expandable. Expandable roll-bottom design allows for carrying a handgrip-less DSLR with 70-200 lens attached. Alternatively it can be folded by fixing the base and making it suitable even for a smaller mirrorless. Speaking in numbers, the measurements are 33cm high and 13cm deep.

f-stop Ajna 40L Adventure Travel Camera Backpack | ReddyYeti First Look

by ReddyYeti (YouTube Channel)
16th of February 2021

From the ReddyYeti YouTube review

The f-stop AJNA 40L pack is a camera backpack geared towards adventure travel, which makes sense because it’s part of their mountain series. It weighs about 3.75 lbs and is carry-on compliant in case you plan on flying (let’s face it, you wouldn’t be getting this pack if that wasn’t the case). One of the remarkable details of this bag is it’s designed to have all primary gear compartments accessible when resting on the ground. This is particularly helpful because it makes it easier to organize your gear when you know how to access everything as it’s set up the way it’s supposed to. Storage is in no short supply on this bag, and it even comes with a modular ICU to better organize your camera equipment.

This bag is form-fitting, Comfortable, and easily adjustable. It has Padded shoulder straps and back panel, Hip and chest straps, and an aluminum Frame for Back Support. This is as technical as you can get without leaving the sphere of a technical camera backpack. It sits right in between that perfect realm of professional photography and adventurer. This pack is absolutely incredible for any professional or amateur adventure photographer and honestly just makes for an incredible trekking pack as well. If you do a lot of technical outdoorsy things this is a pack that can take you a long way.

f-stop Guru UL backpack review

by Gordon Laing
20th of January 2021

highly recommended camera backpack

Summary (from the online review)

The f-stop Guru UL is the best camera backpack I’ve used and one I’d confidently buy again. I was already sold on the modular approach of the original Mountain series and while the ultra-light range may lack the same degree of robustness, I feel f-stop has successfully made weight-savings without compromise for most activities. The Guru UL is light but strong, shrugs-off all but the worst weather, comfortable to carry even for long periods, and crucially stores my camera gear securely and discreetly. The weak-point is the unprotected laptop compartment, but padding would have increased the weight even if you never used it, and you can simply employ your own padded sleeve instead. Overall the Guru UL is the best small backpack for photographers that I’ve personally used and one I can highly recommend.

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by Patrik Orcutt
30th of January 2020

f-stop tilopa camera pack review best camera bag

Wrap Up (from the review)

f-stop bags are built for diehard photographers who want a bag that is durable enough to withstand constant contact with the outdoors. I’m rough on my gear and I need a bag that is going to stand up to constant abuse. At the end of the day, the Tilopa is probably the most rugged bag on the market and the ICU system certainly makes it the most customizable. Take the ICU out and you have a great day pack or even a small overnight backpack.

Review appeared at The Perfect Pack. Read the entire review here.


by Teryani Riggs
July 2019

f-stop AJNA 40L camera backpack review
f-stop AJNA 40L backpack review

f-stop Ajna Review | Conclusion (from the review)

The f-stop Ajna is a workhorse of a hiking camera pack. It’s tough, efficient, and has enough carrying capacity for both camera gear and backcountry gear.

It’s not flashy nor does it have a lot of special features, but it gets the job done admirably. If you’re needing 40L of space, you probably won’t find a better pack.

If you need more space (i.e. you’re looking to do longer trips), it’s worth looking into the Tilopa (50L) or the Sukha (70 L) or you can combine an ICU with a backpack made specifically for backpacking.

For the 40L Hiking Backpack category, however, the f-stop Ajna is where it’s at.

Review appeared at Read the entire review here.


by Roy Cruz
19th of June 2019

LOKA 37L travel camera pack

Parting thoughts (from the review)

Overall, I have really been enjoying the Loka UL and the f-stop system as a whole. It has made my life easier during photography assignments and personal trips. The modularity, build quality, and even the system’s good looks makes this a bag I would recommend to any travelling photographer.

Review appeared at Roy Cruz Photo. Read the entire review here.