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Independent Reviews of f-stop Camera Bags and Backpacks  


We love our camera backpacks and bags, and we think you will, too. Watch or read through the following reviews, and you will find a consistent theme. Independent reviewers rave about f-stop quality, design and materials. In short, f-stop camera backpacks are among the best camera backpacks and camera bags you can find!


Ajna DuraDiamond (37L) - Field report by Sebastian Juhn
Photo Schneider


15th of February 2022

- fstop Ajna DuraDiamond ″ review

- fstop Ajna DuraDiamond ″ review
From the ESCHER NEWS Review:

When the new DuraDiamond series from the F-Stop brand finally came to Austria and I was allowed to hold it in my hands, the first thought was: vacation, mountains, sunshine. In order to be able to test the new Ajna (37L) extensively, I decided to start the vacation in Carinthia. 4 days, 3 tours, 2 ICUs, 1 backpack. What immediately strikes you about the DuraDiamond series is the new design and the exclusive fabric. It was only developed for this backpack series and offers an enormous protection from almost any weather. It is a little lighter and more resistant. So you don't have a bad conscience if the backpack should be put down on the dirty ground. The colors "Cypress" and "Magma" that are now available round off the uniqueness perfectly !

The functionality of the back panel has been significantly improved. Instead of just a small compartment, which was closed with a zipper, there are now magnetic closures. This helps a lot to store small items such as memory cards, passport, batteries or power banks in an orderly manner. In addition, two small, separate compartments with zips have been attached to the small lid compartment to provide even more organization options.

The mesh pockets on the side offer a huge advantage for me. Thus, the tripod or a drinking bottle (in addition to the possibility of using a camelback effectively) can be securely attached. On larger tours, the water supply is a big issue. If the bottle can't be attached to the side of the backpack, the product is already out of the question for me. The newly developed outer zippers are thicker and easier to use even with gloves. However, their color can no longer be customized with the optional color kits.

Since I usually travel with trekking poles, it is important to me that they also have a stable seat on the back of the backpack. The lower bracket has also been improved a lot here. It can now be tied down like the upper loops. The hip belt has been equipped with a new locking system. The plastic variant has been replaced by T6 aluminum, which significantly increases the value. I can definitely recommend this ingenious backpack. He will accompany me on future tours as well as on my daily commute to work.

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14th of February 2022

- fstop Tilopa DuraDiamond ″ review

- fstop Tilopa DuraDiamond ″ review


f-stop bags work with custom Internal Camera Units (ICU for short). This brand was the first to fully develop these into a good working system, something nowadays widely replicated (and perfected) by the competition. You purchase an empty shell and separately get yourself the camera compartment that suits your needs. f-stop also provides bundles for adventurous photographers, with different size camera compartments, accessory straps and rain covers.

With an f-stop bag, you can decide if you want to fill your bag to the top with an XL Pro ICU, or go with a Slope Medium, and fit some extra socks, shirts and thermals alongside your hardware. Getting the freedom to choose as a creator is amazing, making these bags wildly popular with all types of creators. You can fit a full wildlife set in it, and bring a tent and a sleeping bag, or you can fit a RED Cine camera set in there—no problem.

These bags are advertised for the outdoor photographer, though I spot studio-based photographers with them all of the time. This particular bag is a tricky one to start with; the Magma Red colour is recognizable from miles away, which is something I personally love. My favorite part about this color is that no one will accidentally step on it in a dark environment. Unfortunately, not everybody shares my passion for these bright aesthetics.

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The new f-stop Shinn DuraDiamond™


by Pia Steen Fotografie Blog
12 th of February 2022

- fstop Shinn DuraDiamond ″ review

-f-stop Shinn DuraDiamond ″ review

From the Pia Steen Fotografie Blog Review:

I have been using f-stop backpacks for over 10 years . If you read my blog regularly, you will find one or the other report. The new Mountain series came out at the end of 2021. This consists of the representatives that have been known for many years and have now been newly imposed: Ajna 37L DuraDiamond™, Tilopa 50L DuraDiamond™, Shinn 80L DuraDiamond™.

As the name suggests, the name of the backpack is followed by a DuraDiamond™. This stands for a new and exclusive fabric of the brand f-stop. The material is more resistant, water-repellent and lighter than its predecessor. If you take a closer look at the surface, you will notice the diamond-like pattern in addition to the partly new colors.

The back panel has finally been revised. There are small pockets with magnetic closures for memory cards and additional pockets with zips on the back, which make it easier to access small items such as cleaning cloth, remote release. Finally a place that makes sense! If you are worried about the magnets and the memory cards: the magnets do not damage the memory cards!

f-stop has implemented many sensible innovations that make the Shinn and backpacks even better than they already were. The new material, the clever division of the spacious compartments and the usual high wearing comfort make the Shinn DuraDiamond™ and the Tilopa DuraDiamond™ my faithful companions on my photo tours.

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Review of Backpack Sukha by f-stop

by Carlo Alberto Conti Blog
February 2022

Sukha 70L Review″ review

Sukha 70L Review″ review

Sukha 70L Review″ review

From the Carlo Alberto Conti Blog review:

Choosing the perfect photo backpack is not easy at all. Today there are so many brands and plenty of models on the market which can satisfy almost all photographers needs!

Nowadays f-stop is definitely one of the leading companies for innovation in adventure camera carry. The Mountain Series range was created for photographers who combine the shooting phase with trekking and camping. Unlike other series, the Mountain range is designed to host the modular “plug-in” called ICU (Internal Camera Unit). These ICU are available in different sizes and capacities, allow you to fully manage your backpack for you adventure.

I realized that having more than one ICU allows me to quickly and easily customize my pack according to time to time needs. So I got two ICUs, one L size, and the other XL size to be more effective managing my pack spaces. At the moment, my equipment consists of a tripod, 4 lenses, two camera bodies, pouches for the plate filters, one drone with radio and various accessories.

Externally it is made of ripstop nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane, which makes it absolutely weather-resistant, but at the same time breathable, thanks to the YKK zippers made of the same materials. It is therefore designed to be your companion for adventure on photo trekking where you need a lot of equipment and a lot of load capacity. The shape of the backpack allows you to distribute weights without having any unbalance problem. I had the opportunity to try it on a trek where I was carrying besides the gear mentioned above also a star tracker,a tent,a sleeping bag, gas, stove and food!

What I love most about these packs is the access to the equipment which can be reached opening it on the part facing your back. It allows quick and wide access to the ICU. f-stop Sukha: it is a really large pack, weather-resistant and above all comfortable.

After more than 15 years of experience in adventure photograpy I can finally say that I have found the perfect pack!

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f-stop Backpack Review | Anja & Tilopa DuraDiamond™ | Rugged Quality, Redefined

3rd of January 2022

- fstop Ajna & Tilopa DuraDiamond ″ review

-f-stop Ajna & Tilopa DuraDiamond ″ review

From the SLRLOUNGE Review:

By now, the name f-stop is synonymous with rugged, durable camera backpacks. For many years now, I’ve described their lineup as virtually indestructible quality. The f-stop DuraDiamond backpacks are made of extremely durable materials, with absolutely excellent craftsmanship, and are capable of offering some of the best protection possible for your camera gear. The new versions of these already excellent f-stop backpacks, the DuraDiamond series, are available in Anja 37L, Tilopa 50L, and now the truly gigantic Shinn80L sizes. All three versions boast substantial design changes and material improvements, such as the impressively tear-resistant DuraDiamond material and numerous metal buckles.

The materials, from the special DuraDiamond fabric to the zippers, stitching, and overall quality control, are all truly impressive. You’re getting what you’re paying for! There’s a reason why these backpacks come with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 20-year warranty.

What’s In My Bag: A Sony Alpha Kit For Landscapes, Astroscapes, Timelapses & More


by Chris Greer, α Universe
13th of December 2021

Tilopa 50L Review″ review

From the α Universe Review:

My f-stop Tilopa has taken tremendous abuse and been subjected to very harsh conditions, and it has held up exceptionally well. I am not only out in the field taking photos, but I also have to carry the necessary gear for filming the TV show, and so the bag is always full and quite heavy.

With the internal subframe and big hip straps, it is very comfortable even when loaded to capacity. When the light is getting good and I grab my bag to head out and try to capture some magic, it’s a good feeling to pick this bag up and throw it over my shoulder.

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Review AJNA DuraDiamond 37L f-stop photographic backpack


16th of December 2021

-f-stop Ajna DuraDiamond ″ review

-f-stop Ajna DuraDiamond ″ review

-f-stop Ajna DuraDiamond ″ review

From the CEOTECH.IT review:

f-stop specializes in the production of photographic bags. The materials used are always of great quality and excellent workmanship; the backpacks not only accommodate the equipment, which is organized in an orderly manner thanks to the various compartments, but also protect it from intense atmospheric agents. In this review I'm talking about one of the latest products released in November, the AJNA DuraDiamond photo backpack which has a capacity of 37 L.

Made with f-stop proprietary, lightweight, lightweight DuraDiamond 315D H / T fabric and 70D ripstop nylon, the AJNA DuraDiamond backpack offers greater durability, protection from the elements and even better organizational features than existing models in the series Mountain. The hinges also appear solid and are resistant and waterproof. In addition to being made of premium materials, it is very functional; the compartments allow you to organize your equipment in an orderly and easily accessible way, so you can quickly get ready for great shots. In addition to the internal subdivision and the external pockets, the straps and the various hooks also play their part with 22 Gatekeeper mounting points for attaching photographic equipment or camping equipment or what is necessary to move.

The AJNA backpack is full of precautions, from top to base, perfect for carrying complete photographic equipment as there is a way to attach to the outside what, despite the capacity inside, does not find a place, for example tripod, support for lights, skis or other equipment for photography enthusiasts and professional photographers who consider their camera and accessories their most precious asset, this backpack made of resistant and waterproof premium materials, with quality finishes and a subdivision that allows a excellent organization, certainly represents an interesting option.

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The Most Comfortable Backpack I’ve Used! f-stop Tilopa DuraDiamond Review


15th of December 2021

-f-stop Tilopa DuraDiamond ″ review

-f-stop Tilopa DuraDiamond ″ review

From the PHOBLOGRAPHER Review:

Camera backpack manufacturers finally realize one size doesn’t fit all. This is especially true for women. Some will nail the comfort of the shoulder pads, but the waist straps cut into the hips. Sometimes the design puts too much stress on the shoulders. More often than not, it’s the sternum strap that is very ill-fitting and unflattering. The f-stop Tilopa 50L DuraDiamond backpack is one of the first I can recommend for women. Plus, it’s versatile.

The f-stop Tilopa is a very large hiking backpack that doubles as a camera backpack. The removable internal camera units are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. The aluminum frame redistributes the weight of the pack to the legs. It’s rugged, waterproof, and comfortable enough to wear for long hikes. Plus, you can haul a lot of gear. All zippers are welded and seamless and are also water resistant and there are 3 handles, one with a comfortable buckle that allows you to hang the bag safely on any object is really convenient.

The f-stop Tilopa backpack is made of lightweight, weather-resistant DuraDiamond fabric. Its woven-in zippers are also weather-resistant, with the exception of the top access zipper (there is a flap that covers it). I took this backpack hiking during light rain and then came back and hosed it down with water. It performed very well. The DuraDiamond material is durable and feels like it will withstand the elements. The padded shoulder straps, back panel, and waist belt are very comfortable. It feels and performs as though it will last for years to come.

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Form & Function Meet - f-stop New Mountain Series Camera Backpacks


1st of November 2021

DuraDiamond™ packs″ review

DuraDiamond™ packs″ review

DuraDiamond™ packs″ review

DuraDiamond™ packs″ review

From The PR NEWSWIRE Review:

f-stop, the world's leading camera bag and accessory company, is announcing three newly designed camera bags as a part of their iconic Mountain Series: The SHINN 80L DuraDiamond™, TILOPA 50L DuraDiamond™, and AJNA 37L DuraDiamond™.

Made with f-stop's exclusive and proprietary DuraDiamond™ fabric, the new packs bring greater durability, more protection from the elements, and better organization features than ever before. f-stop bags have always been renowned for their quality, attention to detail, and rugged durability. The newly re-designed bags, build on the already impressive Mountain Series packs, raise the bar even higher.

There are several important upgrades in the new bags, but a few highlights include:

- New Fabric: DuraDiamond™

a proprietary fabric available exclusively on f-stop camera bags. It's lighter, more weather resistant and stronger.

- Improved Weather Resistance:

Welding in key areas combined with DuraDiamond™ material and weather resistant zippers offering even better protection from the elements.

- Improved Functionality:

Enhanced organizational features include a back panel with magnetic closures for memory cards and additional zipper pouches for ease of access to key components such as batteries and cables and dedicated laptop sleeve in the TILOPA and SHINN.

- Stunning Aesthetics:

Two new colors for the TILOPA and AJNA - Cypress and Magma. Plus, much of the hardware has been upgraded to T6 aluminum.

f-stop customers have an adventurous mindset. Whether that takes them to the far reaches of the globe or on adventures closer to home, f-stop camera bags are there to comfortably carry their equipment and protect it from the environment.

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