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Independent Reviews of f-stop Camera Bags and Backpacks  

Reviews 2020 - 2019



24th of August 2021

Ajna 40L Review″ review

From The Loam Wolf Review:

We’re no stranger to f-stop bags here at The Loam Wolf, having tested a couple of them over the years with great success. So, when it came time to replace my camera bag, I wanted to get a slice of the f-stop pie for myself. Thankfully f-stop was onboard and agreed to let me put their Ajna 40L Travel and Adventure Camera Backpack to the test, read on to find out how it performed.

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f-stop Dyota Laptop Sleeve 15 ″ review


18th of August 2021

-f-stop Dyota Laptop Sleeve 15 ″ review

From the CEOTECH.IT review:

The quality of the product and the attention to detail can already be seen by looking at the packaging, simple but design and made of completely recycled material.Once removed from the package you can appreciate the construction quality of the bag and you can see the details:

The front is in patented DYOTA fabric - a fabric that is really beautiful to look at and to the touch, and it immediately transmits a certain sense of strength. The fabric is waterproof and the back is made of Hypalon, a synthetic polyethylene rubber known for its resistance. All zippers are welded and seamless and are also water resistant and there are 3 handles, one with a comfortable buckle that allows you to hang the bag safely on any object is really convenient.

This fabric is really tough as well as being very elegant. Testing with water, the tissue does not absorb anything even if it is left with water on it for several minutes.

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Review Dyota 20L Roll-Top Camera Pack f-stop photographic backpack


19th of July 2021

Review Dyota 20L Roll-Top Camera Pack f-stop photographic backpack

From the CEOTECH.IT review:

Ideal for those looking for the perfect compromise between elegance, quality of materials, versatility and durability.The f-stop Dyota 20 is a 20L photo backpack equipped with a removable internal transport unit (ICU) to protect photographic equipment, a medium-sized accessory pouch, two ICU compartments and six zipperless compartments.

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f-stop TILOPA - The Perfect Pack: REVIEW


by Patrick Orcutt
30th of January 2020

tilopa perfect pack review

From the Perfect Pack review:

f-stop bags are built for diehard photographers who want a bag that is durable enough to withstand constant contact with the outdoors. I’m rough on my gear and I need a bag that is going to stand up to constant abuse. At the end of the day, the Tilopa is probably the most rugged bag on the market and the ICU system certainly makes it the most customizable. Take the ICU out and you have a great day pack or even a small overnight backpack.

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Best shoulder bags for photography


by Carry HQ, Carryology
28th of February 2019

From the Carryology review:

With its water resistant, low-profile design the f-stop Florentin is an appealing option for carrying camera gear under the radar in urban settings. Suitable for a small camera setup, the Florentin includes a removable padded main compartment with three dividers. There’s also storage for up to a 12″ tablet or laptop, as well as a front organizer pocket. You’ve also got portability options on hand here too, with a luggage handle sleeve, top carry handles and a shoulder strap.

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by Teryani Riggs, ShotKit
July 2019

ajna pack review

ajna pack review

From the ShotKit review:

The f-stop Ajna is a workhorse of a hiking camera pack. It’s tough, efficient, and has enough carrying capacity for both camera gear and backcountry gear.

It’s not flashy nor does it have a lot of special features, but it gets the job done admirably. If you’re needing 40L of space, you probably won’t find a better pack.

If you need more space (i.e. you’re looking to do longer trips), it’s worth looking into the Tilopa (50L) or the Sukha (70 L) or you can combine an ICU with a backpack made specifically for backpacking.

For the 40L Hiking Backpack category, however, the f-stop Ajna is where it’s at.

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by Roy Cruz
19th of June 2019

Parting thoughts (from the review)

Overall, I have really been enjoying the Loka UL and the f-stop system as a whole. It has made my life easier during photography assignments and personal trips. The modularity, build quality, and even the system’s good looks makes this a bag I would recommend to any travelling photographer.

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Photographers Are Going to Lose It Over These New Bags


by Gear Patrol
19th of March 2018

From the Gear Patrol review:

There are a lot of travel-oriented, adventure camera bags available to photographers these days. Chances are you’ve seen quite a few of them in photographs and videos, and chances are if those pictures in reels took place in a rugged environment, f-stop Gear made the bag.

f-stop was among the first to recognize roving photographers’ need for better equipment, and it reacted by blending the padded compartmentalization of camera bags with the technical features of expedition backpacks. f-stop made its name in the adventure photography world, but its new line of backpacks and shoulder bags is for the urban explorer.

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