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Pack Week Story

Among your recent projects or adventures, which one is your favorite and why?
Last month I photographed a campaign for a bicycle company. Our team went to two cool locations for this - One was an airport where we stayed over night right next to the runway so that we could start before sunrise. The other location was a breathtaking mountain landscape in Austria. It was an exciting job.

What’s the story behind this project?
It was a documentary about the fastest racing bike in the world and how it was made. my job was to take pictures for their current catalogue, advertising and social media

What about that project motivated you?
The challenge was to get enough time to take pictures because it was primarily a video production so everything had to work out right on time. For some photos I used a flash system in order to get a more dramatic look in the pictures, some pictures were taken from the moving car. it was an exciting project in which I was able to bring my own visual language into the picture.

When traveling, which f-stop bag or bags do you take, and which Camera Bag Insert or accessories do you take?
Most of the time Tilopa for my Nikon D6 and Lenses, Loka UL for my Nikon Z series. ICU´s (from Pro XLarge to Small) depending on the job. Drone Pouch Large for my DJI Mavic and one for small Epuipment like batteries, filters and SSD´s for digital backup and f-stop Digibuddy

Photographer Bio:
16 years ago Marcel moved from Germany, where he grew up, to the Arlberg Area in the Austrian mountains. During this time he began shooting snowboarding action with friends. Marcel decided and liked the idea of ​​turning his photography hobby into a serious job. He has been taking photos full-time since 2005 and has specialized in action sports, portraits and lifestyle. Marcel ist Member of the SanDisk Extreme Team, Nikon Ambassador and "red level“ Red Bull Photographer. He workes for numerous international magazines and clients, including Profoto, Nikon, SanDisk, RedBull, Blue Tomato, EHF, Burton Snowboards. Marcel is known for his creative imagery. He also passes on his knowledge on international stages and workshops.
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Here is a look at Marcel's project and images of his gear:

What’s your go-to camera setup
Less is more, so one camera and one lens packed in my Loka UL. I love the Nikon D6 and 35mm 1,4 Lense. Perfect for documentation and on nighttime. Because I only have one body and a lense I use the small ICU so I have enough space for other things like jacket, food and so on.

Which f-stop pack and camera bag insert combination is your favorite and why?
I can't say that because I often pack the backpack individually. Do I need a drone or which lens do I want to use? Then I decide which backpack is packed with which ICU. The backpacks from f-stop are very robust, comfortable and extremely practical thanks to the interchangeable ICUs. I like both backpacks which I use in different ways. The Loka UL for its lightness and the Tilopa for the great storage spaces. My favorites are the ICUs. I use them insight and outside of the backpacks. when I'm out with my campervan I use it to stow all my equipment.