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Photographer BIO:
At 14 he took a few photos on a mobile phone. A few months later he walked into an electronics store and held a DSLR for the first time, only to be taken aback by all the numbers, icons and information on the screen. It was almost a year later that he got his first DSLR, a 1000D.
Now at 23, he is the first Indian photographer to shoot the grueling Dakar Rally in 2019 and also various rounds of the FIM Cross Country Rally Championship. He has worked with every automobile publication in the country, creating various editorial features and has finally made a foray into the world of advertising.
Action Sports is not all about shooting these immensely hardworking athletes. For Ishaan, it is a cue to cultivate a fitter lifestyle, to ultimately be more efficient and also to portray the inner feeling of every athlete in literally the truest form possible. Only if you ride a dirt bike on a motocross track, do you realize what every 20-minute moto demands physically and mentally. You have to feel it to understand what level of preparation these athletes bring to the sport. The better the level of understanding, better the images. Well, at least most of the times.
Being a part of the Red Bull Content Pool team in India, his fundamentals are very clear on shortcuts and Hard-work. Dirt and adventure are the genres that really drive him to do everything that is needed to translate the thoughts in his mind into reality!!
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