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christian pondella

15th Anniversary Story

What is your first memory of f-stop or f-stop bags?
When I first saw an f-stop bag I thought, "Finally a camera bag company making packs with a back panel opening and a bag that is constructed and functions like a mountaineering backpack!"

What benefits do you get from f-stop bags you can't find in other bags?
Back panel access to your camera gear, plus the bag doubles as a regular backpack. Traditional camera bags were great for airplane travel, but did not work in the field for an adventure photographer. f-stop was the first brand to make packs specific to adventure photographers. Now, many brands are emulating f-stop packs.

What is your favorite f-stop bag?
My most used bag is probably my Ultralight Loka, but my Anja is my go-to work horse bag.

Tell us something you discovered about your f-stop bag(s) you didn't know until you got the bag into use or in the field?
That’s a good question as I know the bags pretty thoroughly, I haven’t discovered something new in the field. However, I will disclose I have never used the little accessory pockets located inside the back panel.

Which bag and ICU combo do you use most frequently, and what do you carry in it? (you can send a photo of your loaded/packed ICU)
I have so many different combos, but my go to is probably my XL ICU loaded with all my gear then I can drop things down in the field depending on what I need. Plus, the XL ICU fits in all my bags and my roller. I also like the Shallow Small ICU for my Sony setup!

What is your favorite project you've worked on in the last few months, and why?
My favorite project was back in September and I went to Tanzania and spent time chasing wildlife in the Serengeti. We also got to spend time with the Maasai Tribe and the Hadza Tribe and get an amazing insight how these native people live off the land.

Photographer BIO:
Christian Pondella is an adventure sports photographer based in Mammoth Lakes, CA. He enjoys traveling throughout the world experiencing different cultures and photographing in remote mountain ranges. As a participant in a lot of the sports he photographs, his goal is to capture the viewer’s emotions and make them feel like they are part of the action.

Christian’s images have appeared in advertising and promotional campaigns for Red Bull, San Disk, ESPN, Patagonia, Black Diamond, f-stop Gear, Mountain Hardwear, Oakley, and many other outdoor brands. He is a Senior Photographer for Powder Magazine, a San Disk Extreme Team member, f-stop Global Icon, Lululemon elite Ambassador and has also been published in Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, Outside, Men’s Journal, Maxim, FHM, GQ, Climbing, Rock and Ice and a variety of other publications and newspapers through out the world.

Here are some images from Christian's adventure to Tanzania

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