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Quality Camera Bags for Every Adventure

Why f-stop?
f-stop mountain series camera backpacks
The MOUNTAIN Series Camera Backpacks are rugged, weather reisitant, durable, & adaptable.
f-stop Ultra-light camera packs
ULTRA-LIGHT Series are comfortable, light-weight, rugged, low profile camera packs for maximum agility.
f-stop internal camera units | ICU
Internal Camera Units (ICU) are the components delivering modular protection for your camera gear.
f-stop dyota camera bags
DYOTA Series Camera Packs combine industry-leading design, technology, and style into a great camera pack solution.
f-stop urban series camera bags
URBAN Series Camera Bags are perfect for day trips providing high degree of flexibility to carry camera kits. 
f-stop camera backpack accessories
Accessories provide excellent tools to configure any f-stop camera pack for each person's specific needs.

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We are proud to partner with an international network of outstanding professionals in adventure and travel photography and beyond. Our ambassadors inspire the products we make. 
Meet the pros putting our gear through its paces around the world.

Our Stories

We believe stories are important for helping connect you to our brand ambassadors and to our products. In our stories we will show you how some of the best photographers in the world use f-stop camera packs and bags. We will also give you a chance to see amazing images and learn tips from these outstanding visual storytellers.
For those seeking a useful way to spend their time while at home, don't worry, we got you covered. Yes, it is super important to stay indoors now, but that doesn't mean that we cannot have fun, or learn something new. Here are some fun activities that you can do at home to help make your time as interesting and as productive – as possible.
Dany Eid, 45 years old, married & living with his wife in Dubai. He is professional photographer, specialized in landscape & architectural photography. Born and raised in Lebanon, studied interior design and painting.
The reason I started this project was the lack of climbing training possibilities during the COVID 19 quarantine time. I was searching the web to get some useful ideas for training at home and I came across the web edition of Rock And Ice magazine with the banner of a climber in the kitchen. When I saw the photo I was immediately inspired to do a similar photograph.