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Photographer BIO:
Mario Rubio is a specialized photographer in night photography and long exposure photography. Since 2.008 He is the CEO of the Spanish Company “Fotógrafo Nocturno” whose community is all over the Spanish speaking countries.
Mario Rubio is absolutely involved in education. For this reason, he publishes a magazine every six months. He also publish two podcast related with photography and the business too.
In addition to this, He organizes the International Night Photography Congress “iNight” in Madrid and he is algo de founder of AFONOCTE, “Spanish Night Photographers Association”
He has published two books and his main activity is doing workshops all over Spain and in any other countries like Iceland, Argentina, México, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica and others.
To sum up, Mario Rubio represents to the big community of night photographers in Spain.
Explore Mario's gear: