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f-stop gear Company Feature | Raising the Bar for Camera Bags
Written by Sean Lewis, January 2021
slr lounge f-stop raises the bar on camera bags

The tools of this trade do not come cheap. Photographers invest a significant amount of money in camera gear, and it’s important to keep that gear safe. It’s equally important to keep it accessible so that it can be used whenever needed, no matter the location. One of the best ways to accomplish both of these goals in one swoop is by investing in a quality camera bag. Of the available bags on the market, some of the best come from the team over at f-stop, and it’s no surprise.

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Top 5 f-stop Camera Packs | From Heavy Duty to Travel Chic
Written by Sean Lewis, February 2021
top 5 f-stop camera bags 2021

While a number of brands offer camera bags that score high on several of the checkpoints above, this article will focus on one brand in particular whose line of bags set the bar for many of these features: f-stop. In fact, with the various design and bundling options they offer for each pack, it’s hard to find a line of camera packs that compete at this level.

We’re fortunate to get to test out a ton of different gear for reviews, and after having used a number of bags and comparing notes with colleagues, I feel comfortable saying that f-stop camera packs look different (in a good way) and perform better than most. An overview of these camera packs reads like a best in class list regarding features and functionality. They’re durable, versatile, and stylish to boot.

Here’s a quick look at our top five f-stop camera packs, in no particular order (as needs change depending on the shoot & situation).

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Into the Storm: f-stop Ambassador Adam Brown's award-winning feature documentary

UK Broadcast premier - Monday, 22nd of February

Adam Brown Into the Storm documentary

Adam Brown, f-stop Ambassador, see his Ambassador Profile here. directed and produced a feature length documentary, "Into the Storm [En la Tormenta]." The BBC premiered Adam's film on BBC4 as part of the channel's 2021 Storyline season on Monday 22nd of February. The entire film is available via the BBC iPlayer here.

After finding a broken surfboard on his local beach, Jhonny Guerero, a teenager from one of Peru's toughest barrios, sets his heart on becoming a pro-surfer. With his father in prison for armed robbery and a mother struggling to feed and clothe his younger brother, the sea is his escape. When Jhonny is spotted by Peru's most successful surf champion, Sofia Mulanovich, he is taken under her wing and given a chance to succeed. Yet the pressure to do so weighs hard. Without his dad around, the lure of his friends and the risks of life in the barrios threatens to jeopardize everything he's worked for. When he's injured outside a nightclub in a drive by shooting, Jhonny is forced to decide once and for all which path to take.

Summary provided by Adam Brown at IMDB.

Adam's film won two awards at the 2020 Brooklyn Film Festival - The Grand Chameleon, the destival's top prize. The same film also won Best Documentary.

f-stop, happy 15th anniversary!

Written by Carolina Napolano, June 2021

I had my first contact with f-stop through the blog about a year ago, in a very special moment, in the middle of the pandemic. And in fact the product I tested were the f-stop masks, which of all the ones I wore as a civilian (I'm not a medical device) are the ones that have had a greater yield and that have given me less problems with glasses. (sometimes I get shrouded in fog). f-stop has created the Dyota AG + Ion line of masks adapting to the needs of the moment and without putting aside care and attention in the selection of materials.

In a glimpse of freedom I was able to go around, to get at least a little closer to the beautiful green areas that frame my city, in Tuscany, and take some shots having the support of another nice f-stop product, the holster Navin that I recently reviewed.

An item that I appreciated for its design and above all functionality. Open, extract, snap. Versatile, compact and re-adaptable, because it can be folded. And I sincerely can't wait to return to visit the small streams, the parks, the mountains with their shady paths and thorny bushes and I will not fail to take with me my camera kept in the Navin holster, ready to seize the moment. perfect of the newfound freedom.

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