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Photographer BIO:
It was the daily rattle of the cable car to the Helm, one of the ski resorts in the middle of the Dolomites that woke up the photographer already in his early childhood. Born in 1986 at the foot of this mountains, Harald tried very early all kinds of winter sports, from sledging to snowboarding and free-style skiing. Today he often leaves his bed much earlier than the cable car is able to wake him up to catch a spectacular sunrise or trick in the fresh morning powder. In summer, he traces mountain bikes, kayaks and slacklines in breathtaking moments out in the nature. But back from outdoor activities, Harald enjoys very much also to photograph architecture. The most fascinating part for him behind every image are the persons, and how they perceive and express their passion – be it sport or architecture. “Everybody has a very personal life philosophy I try to capture with my camera”, says the young photographer. His spare time Harald dedicates to his hidden passion, abstract photography and all shades and forms of lights.
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