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Photographer BIO:
Gonzalo Manera is a photographer from Madrid, Spain. He’s loved sports since he was a child and his passions have always been skateboarding, snowboarding, bmx and being in the mountains. When he started shooting his first subjects were his friends skating and snowboarding and in a few years he made his way into the industry and started working as a pro.
He has been shooting for over 20 years and soon after starting photography he started into video as well. He feels truly fortunate to work with magazines and brands form all over the world but his greatest accomplishment is to wake up everyday with passion for his job and not having a boss.
Gonzalo is always doing creative work and he curated a snowboard photography book called The Eight and runs Visual University, a weekly photography podcast.
He currently lives in Madrid and when he is not shooting or traveling he is spending time with his wife Marta and kids, Teo and Cecilia.
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