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Most recent Project:

Working for Lexus Ireland, photographing the new ES Model for 2020. Predominantly a business car, I photographed mainly around Dublin city, in the early hours of the morning. Low sunrise light made for a lovely glow on the car.

Pandemic assignments:

I decided to do a few projects. A self portrait photography one, some food photography (since we could only get to the shops to buy food) and back to some drawing (comic book stuff), which mainly kept my interest for a while. I also did a years worth of accounting and all the little jobs that I knew I wouldn't wanna do when the pandemic was over! It was an extremely difficult and isolating time and am so glad we are on the other side of it now.


Mainly meaning that I can only work in a small group of people. So if a photographer is on scene and I am doing video, we each have to wait out turn etc. Masks are worn everywhere in Ireland now, so we are doing what we can in social distancing to combat the rest. I have tried to adapt and aim to work with companies that I know are overrun with business during the pandemic. Many companies need to show how they are functioning to show customers they are remaining safe.

Photographer BIO:
Fiona is a professional photographer and videographer based in Dublin, Ireland.  Passionate about recording life in pictures and video. She’s recalls from a young age she knew she could see the world of light, color and symmetry more obviously than others.
Today she is still striving to show the worlds spectacular beauty to all who need to see it. “People can be moved and changed by the beauty that is beyond their scope. That means I seek to be a visual story teller…a teacher…a guide”.  She lives for sports and the great outdoors and lives a fairly active lifestyle.  Rarely spotted without a camera in hand or a Go Pro attached, she misses no opportunity! 
“I love to travel and explore the most underpopulated places I can find”.  I’m delighted to be partnered with f-stop, who make incredible bags for all kinds of photographers and videographers! Stoked to be on the team."
Explore Fiona's gear:

Camera setup:

x2 XT3 Fujifilm , wide angle and zoom lenses with a zhyiun gimbal and DJI for the Sky. I am using the XT3 a lot for video and they work just as well for video as they do photos.

f-stop gear:

My main bag for a one day shoot is the Kashmir UL, with the accessory pouch. ( I was delighted that the colours matched my company logo!) Also the gorgeous orange Fitzroy ( love the bright colour of this bag! I end up using it on the bike too)!) also the super handy, waterproof, Navin.

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