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Photographer BIO:
Fiona is a professional photographer and videographer based in Dublin, Ireland.  Passionate about recording life in pictures and video. She’s recalls from a young age she knew she could see the world of light, color and symmetry more obviously than others.
Today she is still striving to show the worlds spectacular beauty to all who need to see it. “People can be moved and changed by the beauty that is beyond their scope. That means I seek to be a visual story teller…a teacher…a guide”.  She lives for sports and the great outdoors and lives a fairly active lifestyle.  Rarely spotted without a camera in hand or a Go Pro attached, she misses no opportunity! 
“I love to travel and explore the most underpopulated places I can find”.  I’m delighted to be partnered with f-stop, who make incredible bags for all kinds of photographers and videographers! Stoked to be on the team."
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