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Photographer BIO:

Fabio is a photographer and a designer, but since he was young he has been inspired by traveling and meeting different cultures in different places. Before with his family, and after by himself, moving to Ireland and Australia. Today he has still the same approach, he try to live his journey framing visions with my camera, without forgetting what is all around: talking to people, learning about their habits and their food. The experiences he can live, approaching always as a guest wherever he goes, suggest that sometimes it's hard to capture on a digital camera emotions, so he must protect them in his memories, in his mind and in his heart. What he loves the most is organizing workshop where, besides teaching photography technics, he is sharing with people the same experiences, forging different type of travellers.

Besides all the adventures he’s doing in the nature, Fabio is rider passioned about motorbikes and cars, a market where he works as action photographer for commercial advertising agency. On rainy days, he likes to stick in the studio for still life photography, where he plays with lights and do-it-youself stuff to make new effects, waiting for good weather to get out again.

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