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Pack Week Story

Among your recent projects or adventures, which one is your favorite and why?
With the world in the state it is, I've really only had one big adventure and that was right at the beginning of the pandemic. I had the opportunity to venture into the Naga Self Administered Zone in Myanmar and photograph dozens of new portraits for my ongoing Tattoos of Asia project. It was a whirlwind 3 week tour right as the pandemic began. I almost didn't make it home as my flights kept getting cancelled and postponed.

What’s the story behind this project?
This started out almost 6 years ago as a single trip to meet the Lai Tu people of Myanmar and has turned into a multi-year-multi-country quest to find the last facial tattoos of Asia. As I discovered more and more people, the scope expanded and, pre-pandemic, I was making one or two month-long trips per year to meet the various peoples around the continent.

What about that project motivated you?
What really drives me to get into the field and photograph the world is the constant change that we are experiencing. With the advent of a global culture and the rapid exchange of information we now have, the cultures of the world are losing their uniqueness. Hearing stories that couldn't possibly have happened where I grew up and having the opportunity to photograph unique and beautiful people keeps me going.

When traveling, which f-stop bag or bags do you take, and which Camera Bag Insert or accessories do you take?
For these longer trips, I usually take my Loka UL with the medium ICU. This gives me space for my Fujifilm GFX and my X-T4 as a backup in case of failure. On top of that, my laptop slips in nicely and I can carry a light jacket, drinking water, and a tripod effortlessly.

Photographer BIO:
I'm an Aussie photographer based out of Seoul, South Korea. My passions lie in documenting that which will pass and helping to preserve culture. Presently, my working project is focused on the disappearing art and culture of facial tattooing throughout Asia. The project documents personal stories to go with portraits of those who bear the marks of culture and history on their faces. 
Explore Dylan's gear:

Here is a look at Dylan's project and images of his gear:

What’s your go-to camera setup
For this project, it has been the Fujifilm GFX 50R with the GF 45mm f/2.8 and GF 110mm f/2 lenses. With this, I use Godox AD200 flashes and a Photek Softlighter as my light source. I'm really looking forward to being able to travel again and put my GFX 100S through its paces for the next leg of this project.

Which f-stop pack and camera bag insert combination is your favorite and why?
I absolutely love my Guru and Loka UL bags. Along with the medium and large ICUs, they get me through most jobs and trips. When I really need to carry a lot, I'll take out my old Satori EXP and pack it full.