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Photographer BIO:
"When asked where I prefer to be, where I feel at home, the answer is crystal clear - in nature, in the mountains, in the open air.
As a photographer, I love to take pictures and I also like to take the whole preparation for a photo shoot into my own hands. Location and model scouting support me considerably in my work to capture nature and human beings in action.
I found climbing very late and today I cannot imagine a life without towering cliffs with the light play from the early morning until the approaching night. Besides taking images of gifted athletes, I use the photo studio of alpine nature to perfectly place people in the mountains for lifestyle photography. Bringing the essence of a person out for the lens is my goal.
Since 2000, it has been driving me to the mountains of the world and my beloved home of Austria. I learned the profession from scratch. During my diploma thesis - in the Arctic, on the icebreaker Polarstern - I really discovered the importance of the movement for me. Since then I have been working for international companies and magazines in the outdoor industry.
I was given my first camera from my parents at the age of six. Since then, photography has taken a firm grip on me - it has lost nothing of its fascination to this day. With eye and lens, I capture irretrievable moments in the nature of the mountains - for eternity.
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