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CONNECT WITH Chris Garrison
chris garrison
Photographer BIO:
Chris Garrison is a photographer you can find somewhere between Gate C35 and the rental car line. Spending most of his year traveling with more checked baggage than an average family of 12; he loves coming back to home (Orlando, FL) to his wife Jane and golden retriever Henry James. Chris grew an addiction to white sand and blue water from growing up in Naples, FL, where he actually met his then future wife. So when Jane and Chris are not spending time on their lake with Henry James, you can find them hidden away between the Caribbean and Mediterranean.
Originally specializing in shooting extreme action sports and athletes, Chris has created a unique style over the past decade. The look Chris is known for has now become his brand and nick name, FlashGarrison. Taking everything he learned from the high-speed world of action sports, Chris is now immersed in the highly competitive world of commercial advertising. Some of the first agencies and brands Chris initially worked with were dream clients of his. The knowledge from working with these large brands gives him the confidence and endurance he needs to push further on every shoot.
With a history of being a post college multi-sport athlete himself, Chris has passion, drive, determination, and need to push boundaries like no one else. Chris is humbled to have received many awards for his editorial and commercial work. He has grown a strong, confidant, and magnetic personality, with camp side fire stories that will blow the most seasoned veteran’s mind. However those stories never last long enough because Gate C35 will be calling him back … in a flash.

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