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Photographer BIO:
Vieri Bottazzini is an internationally acclaimed Fine Art landscape photographer based in Italy and working all over Europe and the US. Passionate about the Earth and its beauty, Vieri’s photography has been described as “a poetic journey in landscapes of endless beauty, landscapes he could capture the inner spirit of, by going past their mere appearance in an aesthetic voyage of discovery of our planet’s deepest nature”.
Vieri’s work is regularly published on various magazines and his Fine Art prints are featured on exhibitions and are part of several private collections. A firm believer in the fundamental importance of sharing knowledge, Vieri is a passionate teacher, a prolific writer and is much in demand as an adjudicator. Deeply committed to the protection of the environment, Vieri partners with Eden Reforestation Projects, Nature First and Leave No Trace to support reforestation and educational projects.
Besides being a proud f-stop Staff Pro, Vieri is Phase One Local Ambassador, a Formatt-Hitech Signature Artist & Brand Ambassador and a Qualified Associate of the BIPP.
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