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Photographer BIO:
My name is Trevor Lyden and i'm a professional outdoor and adventure photographer hailing from Juneau, Alaska.  I currently reside in Bend, Oregon where I enjoy mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding, whitewater kayaking, ice hockey, and just the outdoors in general. 
I specialize in adventure sports imagery with a focus on the commercial product side of things. I am comfortable in a number of outdoor scenarios and also feel at home when working in the studio.  I work well with others and can be part of a great production team.  My years of experience have given me confidence that I can create the right type of images for your brand and provide you with a beautiful finished product.​
My work has been featured in a number of international ad campaigns as well a donning the pages of numerous print and online publications.  In addition, I'm also a competent writer and have often done freelance articles to accompany my images.
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