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CONNECT WITH Stanley Leroux
Stanley Leroux is a French author-photographer. Stanley is a true lover of the natural world. He travels widely to capture his imagery, often to very remote locations away from civilization. He is committed to putting the spotlight on species and habitats that may otherwise go unnoticed.
The end of 2016 saw the publication of “Furious Fifties”, his first book of wilderness photography, the outcome of four years spent collecting the material that made this work possible. His photographs have been featured in exhibitions, conferences and publications in Europe, Asia and Australia. They have received awards on multiple occasions, and have featured in media campaigns for, amongst others, the WWF, Birdlife International and the Natural History Museum in London. 
One of his images earned him a Wildlife Photographer of the Year  nomination, and was designated by the The Huffington Post  as one one of the ten best wildlife photos of the year. Stanley Leroux is a visiting lecturer for Canon at major photography trade shows.