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Photographer BIO:
Based in Wales, UK, Ryan is a photographer and broadcast cameraman working on adventure, travel and wildlife documentaries. As a freelancer, he works on shoots across the world for clients ranging from the Discovery Channel, to the BBC’s prestigious natural history unit. Since studying documentary photography, Ryan has made a name for himself as a specialist in high altitude mountain and cold environments where he is at home on foot, crampon, rock wall or ski, and other environments requiring awkward or technical access and movement. He’s worked in environments ranging from 5000m above sea level down to 2KM deep underground. 
A long time user of f-stop products, Ryan’s normal line-up includes a Loka, Shinn and Navin, depending on the kit he’s carrying which can range from his Canon stills gear up to Red Digital Cinema cameras and some of the biggest and heaviest glass on the market.
When not flying around the world filming for international broadcasters, he spends his time exploring the mountains and coastline back at home and in the French alps. 
Explore Ryan's gear:
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