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Jack O'Lantern Halloween Face Masks - Adult

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Three Sizes Available:
Adult, Child Large, Child Small
Limited Edition!

Are you ready for some fun, spooky Halloween Masks?

These masks are made from the exact materials and to the same specifications as the DYOTA AG Facemasks. These are washable and reusable and are a LIMITED edition.

Masks all come with easy size adjusters.

Order today to ensure delivery by Halloween!

A portion of the proceeds from every sale of each mask will be donated to Children's Hospital of Orange County.

Jack O'Lantern Halloween masks brought you by FIENDS for Life! and see your Fiends for Life here on Instagram!

  • Ultra-premium, adjustable, washable, and reusable non-medical mask
  • Comfortable triple layer construction, created with bluesign® certified material
  • Q.A.S. treated outer shell keeps your mask dry and kills bacteria
  • Dense nonwoven polyester center layer provides protection against particle/liquid penetration
  • Breathable inner layer treated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology to kill bacteria efficiently
  • Nose strip to provide better fit and eliminate slipping and fogging of glasses
  • 6 current color choices
  • Sizes - Adult, Child Large, and Child Small

Face Mask Illustration


Going beyond a simple non-medical face covering, the washable and reusable DYOTA AG+ ION Mask is developed using bluesign® certified material to support sustainability and to help offset the impact of disposable masks.

Exceeding the recommended guidelines for non-medical travel and pollution masks, the DYOTA AG+ ION Mask utilizes ultra-premium materials to provide a comfortable and confident wear.

The outer shell is a Q.A.S. treated polyester layer that has antimicrobial properties.  The dense nonwoven polyester middle layer provides additional protection against particles and liquid droplets, and the DuPont SILVADUR™ treated inner layer uses Silver Ion technology to further reduce microbes.

The DYOTA AG+ ION Mask is not rated for medical use and is not intended as a substitution for certified medical or surgical masks used in high risk areas.


Everyone is making Fabric Washable Masks, is this Different?

Yes, the DYOTA AG+ ION Washable Face Mask is constructed with 3 layers of advanced materials, ultrasonic welded and has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory for Breathability, Washability (after 20 washes the Mask has 99% concentration of Q.A.S. & SILVADUR™ remaining) and Filtration (above the 70% target for Washable Masks).

Do you Wholesale / Sell in Bulk Orders?

Yes, wholesale prices start at a box of 150 pieces. We ship from our warehouses in Tilburg, Netherlands (Europe) and St. Louis, Missouri (USA), and TaiChung, Taiwan. If you are interested, please EMAIL the Mask Team –

What is the Difference between the DYOTA AG+ ION Washable Mask and a Medical Grade Mask?

Medical grade masks and respirators are designed specifically for the medical industry. Fabric Washable Masks are designed for everyday use. You can learn more from this Mayo Clinic Article link

Will the DYOTA AG+ ION Mask Protect me from COVID-19?

NO. Cloth masks help to protect other people, not the wearer. People with COVID-19 can spread the virus before symptoms appear, and some people can have COVID-19 and never show symptoms. In both cases people can unknowingly spread the virus. If you are a unknowingly sick person, wearing a mask can help to protect others and slow transmission in our communities.

Should I use a Mask?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer to the question. We follow the CDC guidelines and most governmental suggestions.

What is the Benefit of Three Layers?

The Q.A.S. outer layer helps block large particles and kill bacteria, while the dense polyester center layer reduces particles and liquid droplet penetration. The inner knit provides a comfortable and breathable layer treated with DuPont SILVADUR™ for extra antimicrobial protection.

How do I Clean my Mask, and How Often Should I Clean It?

The simplest solution is to hand wash with mild soap and hot water and let air dry. Avoid applying any harsh chemicals which can degrade the materials and effectiveness of the mask. There are currently no strict guidelines on the frequency of cleaning fabric masks; general recommendations are to wash daily if worn frequently. More information about DIY & Cleaning Washable Masks from the CDC is available online.

Why are these Masks more expensive than the Disposable Masks I’ve seen?

In addition to being a washable and reusable item, the Dyota Mask uses bluesign® certified fabrics, incorporates advanced antimicrobial technologies such as Q.A.S. and DuPont SILVADUR™, and utilizies ultrasonic welding to provide longevity and comfort.

Dyota Face Mask washing instructions

What is Q.A.S.?

Quaternary Ammonium Salts, otherwise known as Q.A.S., is a smart antimicrobial treatment used in textiles. The properties of this compound provides a durable antibacterial defense.

What is Ag+ Ion Technology?

Ag+ (Silver) Ion technology, such as the DuPont SILVADUR™ used in the Dyota masks, acts as an antimicrobial agent to effectively control bacteria growth by delivering silver nanoparticles to organisms which land on the treated fabric. These ions safely kill microbes and retain antimicrobial properties even after multiple washes. You can read more about SILVADUR™ here.

What is bluesign® Certified?

The bluesign® technologies group collaborates with factories and brands to reduce the human and environmental impact of textile-based production. They facilitate education to improve manufacturing processes to better utilize resources, ensure occupational health and safety of workers by eliminating hazardous chemicals and build safer working environments. They hold approved factories to stringent standards for pollution control. You can read more about bluesign® here.

Can this Item be Returned or Exchanged?

Our 45-day satisfaction policy is offered for the return of unworn/unused masks in the original packaging. Think of buying a mask like buying a bathing suit. You don’t want to try on a suit (or buy a mask) that someone has already used. Connect with our Support Team for any assistance.

Is the Dyota Mask Covered Under the f-stop Warranty?

In addition to the standard f-stop 45-day satisfaction policy, there is a 6 month workmanship warranty for the Dyota Mask to cover any defects in material.
For additional information on warranty terms and filing a claim, please see our Warranty page.



6 Month