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15th Anniversary Story

What is your first memory of f-stop or f-stop bags?
My first memory is my friend Steve telling me about them, and how amazing they are. I finally got one, and fell in love right away. It's been my go-to bag for 4 years now.

What benefits do you get from f-stop bags you can't find in other bags?
I like that I can pack my camera gear and drones, based on the shoot I'm going on. The different ICU units are great to help me manage space in the bag.

What is your favorite f-stop bag?
I love the Lotus 32L... It's my fav! In orange.

Tell us something you discovered about your f-stop bag(s) you didn't know until you got the bag into use or in the field?
I love the key ring in the top pocket, allowing me to detach my keys quickly. I love this feature.

Which bag and ICU combo do you use most frequently, and what do you carry in it? (you can send a photo of your loaded/packed ICU)
When I travel I use the medium ICU unit for my Camera and Lens, then a small ICU unit for my Mavic and Controller.

What is your favorite project you've worked on in the last few months, and why?
I'm about to leave for the annual mobula ray aggregation, which is one of my favorites!

Photographer BIO:

Nadia Aly is an award-winning wildlife photographer, with a focus on underwater marine life.              She left her corporate job in 2012, to travel and dive around the world. Her primary goal is to educate people globally, about the diverse populations of sea creatures that exist in our oceans.   


She captures their beauty and uniqueness with her camera and then publishes these photographs and videos. She does this in an effort to raise awareness and interest in supporting efforts to conserve our oceans and their inhabitants. As she continues to master the art of underwater photography, she takes interested clients on numerous underwater expeditions every year, through her company Scuba Diver Life Expeditions ( Her specialties are the Sardine Run out of South Africa ( and Humpback Swims ( out of Tonga, where she takes guests to swim up close and personal with the Whales. Nadia is also the owner of - and online news portal for scuba diving & ocean conservation enthusiasts.

She holds a Masters in Digital Media is from the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver BC. This program is a result of joint collaboration between University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University Emily Carr Institute and private industry sponsors.


Explore Nadia's gear: