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Photographer BIO:
Mikey Zeller embodies creativity at every turn. A man of many talents, he’s a cinematographer, director and fine art painter whose experiences have transcended continents and mediums. Having filmed and directed in 18 countries, Mikey has a well-cultured outlook and draws from years of unique experiences. An award-winning cinematographer, he continues to focus on learning every chance he gets, honing his craft while bringing others up with him. The first to arrive and the last to leave, he’ll pour his heart and soul into a project whether it’s an urban mural or a car commercial. 
Growing up in rural Wisconsin before starting a slow march toward California, Mikey still carries both the dogged determination and unbridled optimism that the Midwest is known for. Mikey has won acclaim for his work on the documentary Under an Arctic Sky, as well as projects for American Airlines and MasterCard. He’s been fortunate enough to create stunning content with brands like Toyota, Mercedes, and Lexus, as well as Adidas and Monster Energy.

Forging the snow filled shores of Iceland to capture surfers under the northern lights, getting sand blasted by the roost of a roaring off-road vehicle, or simply hunkering down in his art studio with a canvas and some acrylics in Long Beach, CA, Mikey shows that creativity knows no bounds.


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