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Packing with the Lotus
I use the Medium Shallow insert inside the Lotus Backpack. In the camera insert I have a Sony a7riii with 90mm macro lens attached. I also have a Nikon 14-30mm f4 lens, Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lens and a sigma 24mm f1.4 lens. I use the different sized packing cell units to hold my hard drives, camera & drone batteries and iPhone or hard drive cables. I zip all of that inside the packing cell units and they all fit with in the medium shallow ICU insert, cameras and all. The top pouch of the bag, I put my Passport information along with my car keys (attached the key holder ring in the pack), sunglasses and headphones. I have my MacBook pro 15 inch with that slides in behind the ICU unit into the laptop sleeve on the bag. I also travel with an iPad pro and that actually slide Infront of the ICU unit, using the top access of the bag, so I can grab it out when I first sit down on an airplane. When I get to my location, I usually will leave my laptop and hard drives at the hotel and try and go more bare bones to the actual shoot. Again, I am around a lot of water all the time, so I try not to have my laptop on location with me, but I do need to have it when I travel. In the side pockets of the Lotus bag, while on location, I sometimes put a small rain jacket or extra layer, like gloves and a Toque. When traveling I keep the side packets tucked in to make the bag more streamline. Finally, on the inside of the top pouch of the bag, I like to keep my headlamp hand sanitizer, and other small essentials I might need when in the airport.
I would say the most essential “non-camera” gear that I always bring with me on a trip are my noise cancelling headphones. I always have them with me. When you spend so much time in airports and on airplanes, it’s nice to be able to cancel out all of the noise around you. Listing to either music or a good podcast.
Photographer BIO:
Jessica passion is to capture life unfolding in front of her lens. With a diploma in Professional Photo Imaging and a Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing /Advertising, Jessica earned her degree while playing Division 1 women’s ice hockey on scholarship at Wayne State University in Detroit.
Jessica has photographed for a wide variety of companies within the outdoor sporting industry. Companies such as the NHL, Getty Images, Berkley/Abu Garcia, Costa Sunglasses and more. Jessica is published consistently in varying Sports Fishing Magazines, whether that’s conventional or Fly fishing. With an editorial based shooting style, Jessica has been Professionally Photographing in the Sports fishing for over 10 years and working as a professional photographer for over 15 years.
In her early life, growing up on the ocean in Vancouver British Columbia; Jessica could be found running boats, sailing and fishing around the Pacific North West. It was there that Jessica’s passion for Photography and Nature grew into a profession. Jessica currently resides in the Bitterroot of Montana.
“I don’t want to be hindered or bogged down by my camera gear. Instead through years of narrowing down my kit, I have found that having multiple cameras with multiple lenses always at the ready allows me to not have to mess about with changing gear on the fly. Instead I can just grab the camera I need with the lens already attached and just fluidly keep shooting.”
I chose this set up, because I need a very durable weather resistant backpack to carry not my camera gear, but also my laptop and portable hard drives with other essentials. My work requires me to travel by air to 90% of my photoshoots. I find myself in a lot of small planes and always shooting on water, from either small boats or larger vessels. I need a pack that is not too heavy for my back but can allow me to modify how much I can pack depending on the trip I have ahead.
For air travel I usually have a Pelican 1510 wheeled case that I slide a XL ICU f-stop unit into. This case houses my larger gear. Sigma 150-600mm Sport lens, 3 camera bodies and 2 other lenses.
I specialize in the sports fishing industry as a photographer, and I find myself on the water in boats in all different climates and environments. Whether that is rain or ocean salt spray. I need gear that will be versatile and last. I carry 3 or 4 camera bodies on my shoots, so I won’t have to change lenses in these very high humidity environments.
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