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jesper gronnemark photograpy
Photographer BIO:
I am trained in photography from Media College Denmark in Viborg and have since specialized in action and adventure sports. My base is in Denmark, but I have the entire world as my playground.
I cannot imagine doing anything else. Photography has taken me to so many exciting places around the World, and it has given me so many fantastic experiences and friendships.
I have been traveling the World for the past 10 years to shoot sports for commercial and editorial customers, as well as events. I have been fortunate enough to work with loads of exciting people on a broad variety of assignments. But I do also find the time to execute personal projects, as I have a great need to express and display my creative thoughts.
I am very fascinated by athletes’ strive to accomplish perfection, as I can recognize my self in it. I can easily relate to it, when I photograph anything from Olympic medallists, world champions, European champions to sports talents and living legends.
With great dedication and passion, I try with my visual approach, to produce pictures catered to my clients needs with focus on details, and I tell stories through inspiring photographs. This is why my clients trust me with their most important assignments. I love to travel, explore new surroundings and unite them with spectacular action sports. To be perfectly honest, I am most relaxed when I am on the plane to the next assignment. Furthermore, I love to immerse in projects and sports so that I know, that I am properly prepared for the assignments I take on. I am always up for chat about projects, sports, camera equipment and mostly anything else.
When I am not taking pictures I can be caught running or on my racing bike (if you can keep up).

f-stop 15th Anniversary Story

What is your first memory of f-stop or f-stop bags?
I started seeing a lot of adventure and sports photographers using the bag. I though this was amazing, since all other photography bags I’ve seen, didn’t have focus on these types of photographers, which was strange to me, since these are the photographers that most need a good bag. I guess it was around 10-12 years ago.

What benefits do you get from f-stop bags you can't find in other bags?
Comfort, build quality, space and the option to combine the ICU’s.

What is your favorite f-stop bag?
The f-stop Tilopa is my favorite. It has room for the gear I use most often, while still being small enough. And it has the padding on the straps, which makes it really comfortable.

Tell us something you discovered about your f-stop bag(s) you didn't know until you got the bag into use or in the field?
How much gear I can bring while the bags still make it easy to carry. I can really put a lot into the bags without having it feel uncomfortable. And then I love all the small pockets for organizing. There is really a lot of attention to detail in every model of the f-stop bags.

Which bag and ICU combo do you use most frequently, and what do you carry in it? (you can send a photo of your loaded/packed ICU)
I mostly use the f-stop Tilopa with a large ICU. Here I carry:
  • Canon EOS R5
  • Canon RF 15-35mm
  • Canon RF 24-70mm
  • Canon RF 85mm
  • Canon EF 100mm + adaptor
  • Canon RF 70-200mm
  • All kinds of accessories
  • Occasionally Profoto A10

(I also plan to switch the Canon EF 100mm with the Canon RF 100mm and add the Canon RF 100-500mm)

Here is a look at Jesper's Winners and Living Legends project and images of his gear:

What is your favorite project you've worked on in the last few months, and why?
I find a lot of joy working on a personal project called Winners And Living Legends, where I shoot some of the most decorated Danish athletes. The plan is that it should end out in a coffee table book. You can see the project here

A few of the Danish athletes featured in Winners and Living Legends:

  • Anders Hoffman
  • Helle Frederiksen
  • Jeanette Ottesen
  • Mark O. Madsen
  • Nicolaj Moller Madsen
  • Rasmus Kragh

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