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Photographer BIO:
Hidde is a photographer and director from the Netherlands. He is based in Innsbruck, Austria and is the founder of Hologram Media – an on-mountain media production house that is specialized in content creation for the adventure and action-sports industry.
Hidde started his photography career in 2008 when a fellow snowboarder, Jerome Tanon, inspired him to pick up a camera. He graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht with a Bachelor in communications and a minor in photojournalism. Soon after his graduation, Hidde moved to Japan, where he lived for three years. In this time, he focused on his career as a content creator until eventually it was time to move back to Europe in order to found his own media business.
Hologram Media was founded on his core-principles – promoting an active lifestyle in the mountains. Sharing his adoration for nature and the mountains are his reason for being. He firmly believes that by sharing this passion he can change people’s perspective on the world.
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