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CONNECT WITH David Clifford
Photographer BIO:

David Clifford is a Lifer. He’s been shooting since his parents gave him a Kodak 110 camera when he was about 8 years old. He currently lives in Carbondale, CO where he is raising a family but he stills chases the light and the imagery that haunts him in his sleep.


He's an adventure photographer with fixer coursing through his veins. He sees things in f-stops and shutter speeds. David doesn't really feel right unless he's behind the camera creating a fresh new image. Wet Plate, Sheet Film, Pixels or Video are all part of his DNA.


David has won my fair share of awards and made a lot of friends along the way. He's still searching for that one image... When he's not behind the lens he spends time with his wife Rixt and kids, Miles & Sasha (twins) and Hayden.


Explore David's gear: