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15th Anniversary Story

What is your first memory of f-stop or f-stop bags?
I think my first memory was while watching a downhill world cup on TV, the photographer was using a blue Tilopa that stuck out in the crowd, The bags were not available in South Africa back then and was pretty stoked to get my first f-stop bag while on a Red Bull Photography workshop in Europe, it was also a blue Tilopa.

What benefits do you get from f-stop bags you can't find in other bags?
The big thing for me is that is does not look like your conventional camera bag so when traveling or out shooting you not walking around like a big old target. Also, the functionality and how the bags are made is all well thought out.

What is your favorite f-stop bag?
At the moment my go to bag is the Lotus, perfect for all projects and gear.

Tell us something you discovered about your f-stop bag(s) you didn't know until you got the bag into use or in the field?
The first thing I noticed in bad weather is how waterproof the bags are even without a rain cover.

Which bag and ICU combo do you use most frequently, and what do you carry in it? (you can send a photo of your loaded/packed ICU)
Lotus and Ajna with Large and Medium ICUs are my got to combos. The great thing with ICU’s that there are so many ways you can customize your pack to work for any situation.

What is your favorite project you've worked on in the last few months, and why?
Just recently we were able to go to Namibia to shoot a R&D test team with Duotone kiteboarding, it was a good break to get out and travel after the issues we have had with Covid the last year. Was could just to be free from all negativity for a few weeks.

Photographer BIO:
Craig, who has been shooting pro since 2001, has not only developed a unique style, but has perfected a super fast workflow in keeping with the high pressure rigours of shooting events and activations for clients such as Red Bull and Oakley. His work however is not only commercial and brand based and he has a long string of editorial clients, the likes of Bicycling, Runner’s World, the Red Bulletin and Private Edition, all of which for which he regularly shoots covers.
Craig’s go-to setup for a shoot would be a Nikon D5 with 70-200mm and 16mm fish eye for wide work. Then he also carries a 50mm for lifestyle and incidental documentary images. Among many special shoots, he lists Mad Mike Whiddett drifting Franschhoek Pass; Project Sandstorm and a trip to Peru for Kia as highlights of the past five years.
When not shooting, you can find Craig spending time with four-year-old son Koby, or out on his mountain bike training for his fifth Absa Cape Epic.
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