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Tilopa 50L Adventure and Travel Camera Backpack

The TILOPA is 50 liter capacity camera backpack ideal for your multi-day trips or gear heavy day hikes.
You will enjoy exceptional storage capacity enhanced with full length expanding side zipper pockets, front zipper pocket, and a top lid. Your gear will stay safe and dry due to the TILOPA's Weather resistant design, fabrics, and components to protect against the elements. You will also have good all-day support provided by an internal aluminum frame and adjustable support system

20-Year Warranty

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20-Year Warranty

Free Shipping in US and EU

45-day, Risk-free trial

Designed in the USA

Bundle Details - TILOPA

tilopa 50L camera backpack


Essentials Bundle

  • TILOPA - 50 Liter Backpack
  • ICU - Pro Large
  • Rain Cover


Elite Bundle

  • Essentials Bundle++
  • ICU Gate
  • ICU | Slope - Medium
  • ICU | Pro - Small
  • ICU | Micro - Tiny
  • Gatekeeper Straps - 2 Pairs
  • Mano Pouch


Master Bundle

  • Elite Bundle++
  • ICU | Pro - Large
  • Hyrdration Sleeve
  • Large Accessory Pouch
  • Medium Accessory Pouch
  • Small Accessory Pouch
  • Packing Cell Kit - 3 pcs. (S, M, L)



Recommended Internal Camera Units for Tilopa

ICU | Pro - XLarge ICU

ICU | Pro - Large ICU

ICU | Pro - Small ICU

Field Tested by our Team


Learn more about what sets the f-stop Mountain Series apart from all competitors

Weather resistant 420D ripstop nylon combined with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film deflects direct moisture.

Innovative weather sealed zippers and Hypalon zipper garages protect access openings.

Access Internal Camera Unit (ICU) via rear panel and top lid.

Multipurpose internal sleeve to fit devices or hydration bladder.

Exceptional all-day support provided by an internal aluminum frame.

Enhanced EVA-padded jersey laminate hip belt and shoulder straps provides additional comfort for extended wear.

Easy attachment of tripods, outdoor gear, and similar equipment via 14 Gatekeeper mounting points. (Gatekeepers sold separately)

A 20-year warranty ensures you are satisfied with your product.

Medium size/capacity and durable construction make this pack a beast!
50 liter internal capacity and additional storage capacity with full length expanding side zipper pockets and front zipper pocket.
Weather resistant materials and durable components protect against the elements and tears.
Exceptional all-day support provided by an internal aluminum frame and adjustable support system.
Easy attachment of tripods, outdoor gear, and similar equipment via 10 Gatekeeper strap mounting points
Tilopa camera adventure and travel backpack
Tilopa camera adventure and travel backpack

About Our Design and Development Process

The f-stop process has been improved and refined over the last 20 years – We have designed, developed, and launched hundreds of products for dozens of brands. We use the same 6-Stage Journey to deliver value and clearly define the product “job”.

The most important tool for Design & Product Development is Customer Insight! By observing and receiving feedback from customers, partners, and ambassadors we learn what “job” customers are trying to do and then Designing a product to make completing that “job” more efficient.

The f-stop Difference

Functional Aesthetic design

The "job" and appearance of the product, based on insight:
  • 20+ Years of Field Research
  • Open and Collaborative Development
  • Behavioural Feedback and Data

Construction & Assembly

We manage the entire journey of every product:
  • Advanced Lab Testing
  • Extensive QC with Strict Tolerance
  • Complete Supply Chain Tracking

Materials & Components

Direct relationship with ALL Component suppliers:
  • Leading Fabrics: Light, Strong, Waterproof
  • Custom Advanced Zippers and Plastics
  • Aluminium Hardware Researched to Refining Process

Value: Total Cost of Ownership

We provide our customers with the highest quality Gear:
  • Lasts 3-5x longer than other Camera Packs
  • Entire Platform for Transportation & Security
  • 24/7 Global Support - Enterprise Grade

See what others are saying about the TILOPA

You get what you pay for!

If you're looking at this bag then this is likely the bag for you. The perfect bag for an adventurer. From their entire line up of mountain series I think this is the perfect size, it can be used as a carry on. Its got more straps and buckles than you'll know what to do with, the quality is typical Fstop top of the line. My favorite part is the bag being an empty shell, you get to your destination and you can take out your packing cubes of clothes and toss right into a drawer. No opening and closing 10 pockets with everything pilled on top of each other. This bag is super comfortable on your back with thick straps and adjustments everywhere for every size human. I wish I would have gotten a medium icu with a small icu, this way I think both would fit into bag at same time. My large ico and small icu don't fit inside together. Very happy with the bag and you won't regret buyign this one.

Best travel/backcountry backpack hands down!!

I'm a professional outdoor/landscape photographer and over the years have shuffled through different camera bags. Because of the nature of my work finding a camera bag that suits well in the rugged conditions I work in has proven to be quite difficult over the past few years. But let me tell you, the f-stop bag is a game changer. The f-stop Tilopa is essentially a backcountry trekking bag made for photographers. Its interior is fully customizable to fit your specific gear as well as fit other things like extra clothes and camping gear. Its comfortable, durable and keeps all my gear safe and organized. It also has been amazing for traveling!! The outer shell of the bag is water resistant and so far haven't had any problems with leeks what so ever. As much of my photography work is focused on the outdoors and hard to reach places I couldn't recommend this bag more.

Great all around

This is a great bag for all-around use. It's large enough to carry ample gear but small enough to fit into standard luggage compartments.It's comfortable and the ability to customize ICUs gives great flexibility in how and what the pack can be used for.

Great photo hiking bag! Holds weight well.

Filled this bag up! And it was still comfortable. Some of the hardest hiking is sand dunes. So I picked up this bag to help and it did a great job. I shoot medium format film and mirrorless so I have a lot of gear. I carried a Maymia RZ67 Pro ii with 2 lens and 2 film backs. I also had a Sony A7iii with a 70-200 f/4 and a 16-35 f/2.8 GM. Additional I had a Polaroid SX70, film for the cameras, a tripod, water, lunch, and lens filters.So yes this bag carries a lot. Once you figure out how to setup the bag for your size it’s very comfortable. If you’ve never set up a hiking bag before, you should definitely read up on it, or if you can go to an REI and have them show you. I use the Tilapia with the large [ICU] and it’s perfect for my equipment. If you only shoot mirrorless the medium [ICU] might work well. I like the layout of the compartments, especially the top panel. Although the computer/iPad slot is a bit hard to get in and out of. I took this to Death Valley and Mojave. In Death Valley I had the bag laying in the moist white salt of Badwater Basin, as well as dune sand, dirt, rocks, and mud. It was really easy to clean off with a damp rag and it still looks good. I [bought] their Mano water bottle attachment, but it doesn’t have a great way to attach it to the side of the bag, but I was able to. This is my preference. As many people will just use a carabiner to add a water bottle to their bag. But I find the jostling annoying when I’m in a very quiet place in nature or when I’m hiking up something unstable. Last tip: get this bag weeks before your trip. Test out different ways of distributing the weight and wearing it around as much as possible to see if you get any discomfort. You don’t want to be 3 miles into a 12 mile hike and start feeling discomfort.


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