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Photographer BIO:
Alexandre Barbuto is a producer and director who grew up in the French Alps in Grenoble. Spending a lot of time in the mountains and fascinated by nature.
“Al” started taking landscapes photography and filming extreme sports 15 years ago just for fun and riding with his friends. He is now the owner of a video production company named Dazone Productions who make commercials, documentaries, aerials, video clip and reports for prestigious brands, artists, pro riders, chefs, festivals and companies all around the world.
He work today with Nobaday, SuperWhite, RedBull, Rossignol, Easyrig, Lamborghini, Alpine, Steve Aoki, Christophe Aribert, Ford, Warner Music, Teredak, Zeiss, Rolls Royce, Tomorrowland, Marlboro, Wagram Music, Renault Sport, DimMak, Les 2 Alpes, The Rag Place, DoP Choice.
He’s Ambassador for Easyrig, Teradek f-stop and work closely with Zeiss, smallHD, DoP Choice, The Rag Place and Angénieux.

Explore Alexandre's gear: