Loka UL

For the active shooter desiring simple and light, f-stop has engineered an ultra-lightweight carry solution for their needs, the Loka UL. The pound-pinching pack retains a rip-stop nylon 37L shell, full-size suspension, and internal frame in a streamlined package tipping the scale at a mere 1kg. Rear and top access makes the UL a versatile form-fitting bag ideal for adventures where all is needed are the bare essentials and a camera.

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For the active shooter desiring simple and light, f-stop has engineered an ultra-light carry solution. Like all Ultralight Series packs, the 37L Loka UL utilizes a lightweight, highly durable and abrasion resistant ROBICâ„¢ nylon ripstop shell, a no-compromise suspension system, and an aluminum internal frame in a streamlined package tipping the scale at a mere 1.2kg. Rear and top access makes the UL a versatile, form-fitting bag ideal for adventurers who want to travel fast and light while experiencing first class comfort.


Score: 9/10

The Loka UL weighs in at a mere 1.2kg, allowing you to be active, agile and energy efficient while in the field.


Score: 7/10

Offering a lighter weight suspension and harness system than the Mountain Series, the Loka UL still sports a no-compromise system with articulated hip belt, shoulder straps and aluminum frame to drive weight off the shoulder and onto the hips.


Score: 7/10

The 37L Loka UL provides the perfect balance between camera and everyday gear loads. It accepts 6 different ICU sizes to fit your specific gear needs. Those requiring a large ICU’s worth of camera kit might explore a Mountain Series pack.


Score: 8/10

The Loka UL quickly became the go to pack for professionals and aspiring amateurs alike. Its lightweight shell brings an effortless comfort while in the field, around town and in an overhead carry-on bin. Its range is broad and can even be pushed into overnight adventures.

Ultralight Series Standard:

Premium components:

The UL Series blends premium (and proven) components with subtle style, delivering aggressive, durable, efficient packs, all without sacrificing comfort.


All UL Series packs are manufactured from the durable lightweight and abrasion resistant materials. At the same time the design has been minimalized to provide an agile, efficient and lightweight travel experience. Allowing you to spend more energy on crafting an image and less on travel.


Whether ou’re crawling through a crevice or scrambling in tight rocky sections, chances are your pack will make contact with the terrain. The UL Series utilizes a highly durable and abrasion resistant – nylon ROBIC™ shell material designed for adventurous outdoor use.

weather resistant materials:

The UL series uses a lightweight shell material but does not compromise on weather resistance. Our packs offer 1500mm polyurethane (PU) and water resistant (WR) coatings. Our linings are also treated for weather resistance and to provide maximum confidence - our base is protected by high quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which aids in weather and abrasion resistance.

hydration port for h2o routing:

Our hydration bladder and hose routing feature allows optional hydration methods while active in the field. All UL Series packs feature a sealed hook and loop hydration tube port and hose clip, giving you simple access to water, electrolytes or other liquids while in motion.

Mesh side pockets:

All UL Series packs feature easy-to-reach, durable mesh side pockets with a reinforced ripstop nylon base and elastic upper cuff. These pockets are perfect for securing tripod feet or quick access to items like water bottles, snacks or trash.